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Treatment of headaches and migraines at Bay St Osteopathy focuses on the joints and muscles of the neck and jaw. Pain may come from a dysfunctional, irritated or injured segment (joint), as well as a tight, inflamed or irritated muscle band, known as a trigger point. A recent study found that 82% of patients presenting with migraine also reported neck pain.

(source: Lampl, et. al. The Journal of Headache and Pain, 2015, 16:80)

Many of our patients report they have been unable to relieve their pain with manual therapy or simply didn't know their headache could be relieved by treating their neck. A majority of these patients rely on medication to manage their pain and often put up with daily or weekly headaches and migraines because they're not sure what else to do.

How can we help?

Treating the upper segments of the neck, in combination with trigger points (irritated bands of muscle), known to refer pain to the head, will often make a significant difference to the severity of pain our patients have been suffering. The concept developed by Dean Watson to successfully treat many headache and migraine sufferers is one of the methods used at our clinic. The Watson Headache method focuses on reducing the dysfunction between the upper 3 joints in the neck. In addition to this method, our approach includes the use of trigger point dry needling to deactivate the muscle spasm and sensitivity of the nerves that supply this region.

The aim of the treatment is to: 

  • provide noticeable relief within the first 24 hours,

  • reduced symptoms with each successive treatment.

  • provide advice and strategies to reduce pain, avoid headache triggers and educate our patients about what causes their headaches or migraines








Dry Needling

  • The dry needling techniques used are often well tolerated by patients and reduce the risk of post treatment soreness or aggravation when compared to commonly used manual techniques.

  • The sensation is often described as a mild discomfort rather than pain.

  • The goal is to cause as little pain as possible, provide relief quickly while minimising the risk of the headache getting worse.

This approach requires thorough knowledge of the anatomy and the pathology (cause of dysfunction) in this area. Craig White has completed training with Dean Watson from The Watson Headache Institute. In addition, Craig White, Chris Cormick and Jessica Partridge have completed further training in Trigger Point Dry Needling with GEMt, a leader in teaching Dry Needling in Australia and internationally.

Osteopathic Treatment

As an Osteopath, the assessment and treatment is not limited to the upper neck, a thorough assessment of the spine, jaw, shoulder and rib cage is critical to identifying what lead to the problem in the first place. Other causes of headache include fatigue, digestive complaints, food allergies, diet, exercise, poor posture, whiplash/ trauma, and visual problems, each of which need to be considered as potential causes or aggravating factors. 

Headaches Explained

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