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Rest by design

DrRest Sleep System provides adaptable support with its exclusive patented design and with carefully selected materials, our experts believe it to be the ultimate sleep system for quality rest.

Try a DrRest Mattress in our

Brighton Clinic


Free Sleep Posture Assessment to examine your

spinal alignment


Our clinic offers a free spinal alignment consultation to help you find the right sleeping position to keep your spine in neutral while you sleep. We have partnered with DrRest, so you can try the benefits of their mattress for yourself in our Brighton clinic.

DrRest Sleep System provides adaptable support with its innovative design features. With an exclusive patented design and carefully selected materials, our experts believe it to be the ultimate sleep system for quality rest.

DrRest Pod Design

Patented Pod Design

DrRest's clinical research has uncovered that the shoulder zone is a vital factor in achieving spinal alignment and facilitating restful sleep. By zoning our exclusive patented mattress design with specially selected materials for this zone, the DrRest Sleep System provides a unique hydraulic response for all body types. Each zone seamlessly complements the next to offer full body support.

Optimal Interface Pressure

The DrRest Sleep System distributes interface pressure over a wide surface area, decreasing the pressure points common in isolated areas such as the hip or shoulder. Clinical testing has found the optimal tolerance levels for restful sleep with a self-levelling design that adapts to each body.

DrRest Interface Pressure

Try a DrRest mattress in our Brighton Clinic
Contact us via email or book in an appointment to try a DrRest Mattress using our booking portal - select "Sleep Consultation"

DrRest in Action

The DrRest difference

Our sleep system redirects the pathway to restful sleep. Trialled in clinical settings by health experts, the benefits of the DrRest Sleep System lie in the adaptable support it provides your body.

The DrRest health benefits

Supporting spinal alignment
Our unique shoulder zone allows unimpeded depression of the shoulders into the mattress, promoting neutral spinal alignment, rest and relaxation for better quality sleep.

Adaptable comfort
Injuries or inflammation can make comfortable sleep a challenge. The DrRest sleep system offers comfort and adaptability and may relieve pressure on the neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips.

Musculoskeletal rest
By reducing isometric contraction within the muscular system, the body may experience less joint and muscle soreness and therefore, less disrupted sleep.

DrRest in action

In trials conducted in a clinical setting, significant improvements in spinal alignment were demonstrated in people who lay on a DrRest versus the same mattress without the DrRest design.

These images show improved spinal alignment at the DrRest shoulder zone. The results were consistent across body size, weight or shape.

41 yo male laying on DrRest mattress.png
64 yo Female on DrRest Mattress.png
32 yo Male on DrRest Mattress.png

The DrRest health experts confidently recommend the DrRest Sleep System for supporting spinal alignment, quality sleep and rest.

DrRest Pricing



Single XL

King Single




Super King

Dimensions (cm)

91.5cm x 190cm

91.5cm x 203 cm

105.5cm x 203 cm

138.5cm x 190cm


152.5cm x 203cm

183.5cm x 203cm

203cm x 203cm









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