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Chances are you're here because of one of three reasons:

1. You want to get pain relief FAST.

2. You have an ongoing issue that hasn't resolved and you want to get on top of it permanently.

3. You're concerned about a problem developing and you want to get it under control before it affects your quality of life.

No matter what the reason, you are our priority and we are committed to helping you get better, and staying that way.

We are famous for our results with

Free Second Apponitment

Your Consultation will Include:
1. Detailed history to determine what has contributed to your pain and establish your ideal treatment goals.
2. Thorough objective physical assessment to identify the exact cause of your pain.
3. Comprehensive, hands-on treatment with a diagnosis and detailed treatment plan to help you become pain free and stay that way.  
$100 of value.
Or Call Us (03) 9114 7801

Terms and Conditions:

1. This offer must be mentioned at time of booking, or enter the phrase "Free 2nd" in the notes when Booking Online.

2. First or initial consultation is $120 and payment is due at the time of consultation. Your second appointment after this is free.

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Do you need relief from pain?

Our Team
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